empower yourself


All my life I have been convinced that you should listen to your heart in order to be happy.

Already as a teenager in Finland I was excited to leave the nordic sphere and to discover the world. After some experiences abroad, I lived and studied in France. I loved to exchange ideas and thoughts with other people and cultures. Hamburg/Germany has been my home for many years now.

My great passion as a mother and entrepreneur is to coach and support the next generation to find a good start into their life.

What I find really sad is when adults say, “If I had made other decisions when I was young, I could have a completely different life today.”

As a CREATOR COACH I have learned valuable methods that are particularly helpful for young people. Tools that will help you create the best version of your life.

K. Hein


…within me, I am convinced that we all are able to, and should live a fulfilled life.

SISU is identitying for Finland and the Finns and it means something like perseverance, strength and fighting spirit, especially in seemingly hopeless situations.

These three qualities are crucial to your success in life.

These, along with the right attitude, is the magic formula.

A good mindset does wonders!

My goal is to show youngsters how to create a small masterpiece out of their lives.