Who are we?

My name is Katarina Hein (Kati) and I come from the swedish speaking part in Finland. During my studies I lived and worked in several countries. I did my Masters degree in Languages & Marketing in France, Montpellier. I am now based in Hamburg and have two children, Alexander & Philip. During the past years I have developed and worked with different projects. Today I am delighted to be able to fully concentrate on a hearttopic, which is to inspire youngsters to create the best version of their lives.

The SCANDINAVIAN LIGHTNESS together with my MINDSET, which was given to me from the very beginning of my life, have shown me over and over again that it is possible to not only overcome nearly any kind of difficulties in life, but more so to live a truly happy life. A good mindset is one of the main keys to happiness.

All my life I have read a lot about this big topic MINDSET,Katarina Hein and experienced what true wonders you can reach in life by having the right mindset. During the past years I have not only intensively studied the topic, but I have also been able to see amazing results around me, reached through my work.

I was born as an eternal optimist. My focus is to enjoy the different steps and moments of life as much as possible. I also carry the finish SISU inside of me. This is not translatable but it is held by Finns and means determination, tenacity of purpose and resilience.

I so strongly believe that each and everyone of us is able to reach a fulfilled and happy life. Therefore I want to help you young boys and girls to make a true MASTERPIECE of your lives.