This is what satisfied customers say about me and my coaching:

“Kati’s motto is definite, there is no such thing as impossible. Her believes really do achieve miracles. She have managed many things that seemed impossible. She looks at things in a different way than others, thanks to her never ending positivity. She will always manage to see something good in every situation. She will never be upset with anybody for a long time. She is very open and interested in people in general. She listens very much to her gut feeling but she also has a very pragmatic way of solving problems. I always like asking for her opinion, because her piece of advice is always different to the one that everybody else gives you. She seldom does nothing. She is constantly working on a new idea or a project, that she will also actually put into action.”
Sarah K. Hamburg, Athlete & mother

“Kati is one of the most positive people I have met in my life this far. If you are having doubts along your journey she manages to get you back on track with a couple of honest and motivating words. When you get to know Kati you want to have her as a friend straight away. Already in the beginning, when you have only known her for a little while, you have the feeling that you really can rely on her. Kati is one of the first people you want to contact when something important has happened, because you know that you can count on an honest and spontaneous reaction. She is also going to share your emotions in a touching way.”
Kathi E. 23, Vienna, Medicine Student

“I am very lucky to have met Kati- a never ending source of inspiration, in all areas of life – and all that in a very wise, intuitive and above all incredibly warm way of being.”
Stephanie K. Hamburg, HR Interims Management

“If optimism was a person it would be Kati. She will not let herself be discouraged unless you have hard facts and good arguments, and actually even then she might turn it into a possibility. Kati is patient and good humoured. Where others see obstacles Kati sees oppurtunities. Kati also succeeds in her endavours. Kati is a warm and kind person, and it is the combination of all these things that make her the remarkable person that she truly is.”
Pia K. Helsinki, Business Manager & mother

“I’ve known Kati for many, many years. She has always been a person who lights lights for others. Kati always finds creative solutions to problems and has the most positive attitude in life, both when it comes to work, family, relations and adventures. Ever since young she has been independent and always true to her inner voice and intuition, which has taken her to where she is today; A true entrepreneur with a genuine passion for inspiring others. It is impossible not to be inspired by her positive attitude to life.”
Maria N. Mallorca, Project Manager & mother

“Kati is a super positive person. She is actually always in a good mood. Above all she manages to spread her good mood and motivate everyone around her. Even when things don’t go as planned, Kati will see the positive side of it.”
Hannah 18, Hamburg, Student

“Kati is, despite being a true entrepreneur, a person who spreads happiness and warmth around her wherever she goes. She always sees the positive and the good things in everybody as she is capable of seeing the possibilities instead of the obstacles, even in difficult situations. What makes Kati a big role model to me is that she is authentic and she has the wish to always move forward. She wants to constantly develop but still is always ready to listen to others. She is passionate about what she is doing, whether it is family or job. She is good at inspiring others and she has a fantastic ability to always see the possibility in everything.”
Annika S-L. Jakobstad Finland, Sportsteacher & mother

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